Pedal to the Metal on the Fast Track

Exactly one day after my workshop with Bob Davis, I had another workshop. This time it was with Dane Sanders, author of Fast Track Photographer. I first heard about his book from an old note Kenny Kim wrote some years ago. The Amazon rating speaks for itself; I highly recommend it for all wedding photogs.

Although I enjoyed and learned a great deal from the book, I was afraid the workshop might be just a rehash of the stuff in there. Man was I wrong!

This is unlike any workshop I’ve ever been to. By a long shot. Life transforming even. So much so that I’d recommend it to non-photographers if the idea didn’t sound so off the wall.  To all wedding photographers: get in on this workshop, you owe it to yourself. I guarantee you’ll learn so much about your business, making your vision into a reality, and ultimately about yourself.  The workshop (and the man behind it) is legit.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Kenny Kim there helping take care of the logistics. And Kenny Nakai came too on the second day!

But enough of that, let’s get on to the pictures! (Many of the pictures of me in them were stolen shamelessly without compensation from Kenny Kim’s blog post. Thanks Kenny.)

Feelin the love

This is me getting a group hug from the other photogs.  This is not your everyday workshop.

On the afternoon of the first day, Cory and Erika (former clients of Kenny Kim) came down to model for us.  I don’t know what it’s like to get harrassed by a crazy paparazzi gang for 2 hours but they did an awesome job putting up with us!

No privacy

The first shoot was in this alleyway. It’s tight but apparently not tight enough to keep the swarm away.

Personal space?

Dane’s barely managing to cope with the horde =)

With the weather so nice, what's there not to smile about?

Our “amazing” attempt to imitate Mike Colon’s famous image

Out of nowhere, Cory and Erika busted this out.  They’re so fun to work with!

The people in this park must be wondering who these famous people are

We’re playing the game of “How close can we get to their faces before Cory snaps and punches one of us?”

Hanging out with some of the great guys I met there.

I thought we were supposed to pose like a model.. I feel duped! ..and slightly stupid

That’s all for now.  Thanks for tuning in!

Can you seeee the light!?

Nope. But I guess that’s why they call it “flash”. But I understand how to use it a lot better now =)

Roughly a month ago I had a chance to go to Canon’s EOS Speedlite Workshop with Bob Davis. First of all, I have to say Bob is really a great teacher. I fired off a bunch of questions that day and he very graciously answered all of them. He’s got a workshop coming up and from my single day experience with him at the Canon workshop, I can only imagine what a blast his own two day workshop will be!

I’m a bit surprised that I actually don’t have too many photos to share, but here they are!

Bob giving us a quick demo of flash limitations in noon day light

It’s a weird feeling being surrounded by others who also understand all the technical jargon and equipment.. This is one of the first photography workshops I’ve been to so I’m not used to that yet.

The next two photos I snapped with a single Speedlite through a softbox. Nice, soft, even light even in indoor lighting conditions.

The next two are macro ring shots:

One light camera left with a spot grid

The side light really brings out the texture in the flat scene.

Speedlite shot through a water bottle to give the light some character

To the photogs out there

Going in, I think I had a pretty solid technical grasp of the Canon Speedlite system, but I definitely picked up a lot of hard won tips and a lot of confirmed hunches. I’ll rattle off a few:

  • Canon’s Custom WB (where you set the WB to a white wall) seems to go too cool for flesh tones
  • Adobe’s default handling of Canon’s RAW color profiles seems to mess up the yellow/orange colors
  • Usually dial in a Flash EC of +1/3 to +2/3. Otherwise the scene tends to come out underexposed

Probably the biggest thing walking out is getting a solid knowledge and experience on how to use my Canon 580EX I & II’s. I just wish they had a better interface than that darned LCD and convoluted sequence of buttons!! The ST-E2 is a big step up but c’mon Canon, no ‘C’ group? No manual control? Seriously?

That’s all! A quickie post -thanks for visiting!

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