I’m at FACT!

(Go to the youtube page to watch it in HD!)

This song has been stuck in my head and now I hear it everywhere! When my radio is turned low, I catch myself thinking “man that sounds like T-Pain! No way, could this be the song??” Then I’ll turn up the radio and it turns out to be some country song. I even read emails with the same cadence as the song, which is kind of fun. You know, even the sweetest email can sound pretty hard when you say it with the same attitude as that song =)

Let me rewind a bit: last week Chris Sotelo asked me if I’d be willing to help him shoot a lil’ video. Hmmm.. let me think about th- oops, my mouth already said yes. Must have been muscle reflex. Somehow the memory of saying yes to Chris is associated with good and happy things. Chris has the kind of talent where he could create a documentary on paint drying and it’ll still be ridiculously creative and entertaining. But a music video with Marah (his wife) and Justin Capadocia too? And one that’s based on I’m on a boat?? As an opening to Philippine Student Association’s (PSA) annual FACT conference??? Sign me up!

So how was it? Let’s just say they know how to have a good time! I had a blast filming these incredibly gifted people. There was no rehearsal before each shot -Chris, Marah, and Justin just communicated by telepathy and some crazy chemistry. Behind the scenes, Peter Catanus, Marah’s brother, did an amazing job mixing the audio and he also did a dope job being the voice behind Justin. In fact, the whole video was a group effort. I’m just glad I got to be a part of it. Now if you’ll excuse me..

“I’m at FACT! I’m at FACT! We at FACT! …”