Here’s to the Start of Something New

As mentioned yesterday, today is our guest post from Chris!


“I think this is where we shake hands.” – Elijah Price, Unbreakable

Reluctant superhero, David Dunn hears these words spoken by aspiring villain, Elijah Price in the final moments of Shyamalan’s extremely well-crafted Unbreakable, setting up their serendipitous and inevitable rivalry.

The quote actually has no bearing on mine and Oliver’s relationship whatsoever, other than the fact that we are shaking hands in the picture above. Unless… it was Oliver’s brilliance and scheming hand that was responsible for every accident in my life I walked away from, unscathed, as the sole-survivor!

I suppose having me come on a guest blogger makes up for it all, though. No harm done, my friend!

Wedding season is upon us once again. Couples, in their own unique ways, are tying the proverbial knot and Oliver has been doing an outstanding job capturing many of those special moments. He will certainly continue to do what he does best… while extending his expertise into another area as well.

Oliver and I would like to take this opportunity to announce that we have combined our forces, just like the legendary Captain Planet, to create a Wedding Cinematography company! Oliver’s eye for aesthetics + my love for film = HEART. Captain Planet, you would be proud indeed.

Rebranding is inevitable, but as for now we are simply who we are… Chris & Oliver Cinema :)

We leave you now with our first post for the season! It’s actually a repost of sorts, but with fresh music, a new cut, and a few color grading tweaks, we would like to present to you Glenn & Nicole… the remix.


Chris & Oliver

Guest Post Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we’ll have a guest post from my good friend Chris Sotelo.  If you spend some time with Chris, you come to see that beyond his smooth looks he may not be completely what meets the eye.  Indeed, he is quite the movie buff and connoisseur of films.  Not only does he appreciate watching all types of films, or just have a remarkable ability to quote lines from them, but I do believe that his mind sees the world as a series of movie scenes.  He also has the eye to create them and he’s worked as director on many of the projects that I’ve posted on this blog (I’m at FACTDae & Jina’s Proposal Video, and Part IPart III of the Covenant Fellowship Variety Videos) and some other projects like Normal Activities.

Stay tuned!

Gunny & Lynn’s E-Session

May has been a crazy month in terms of weather and definitely not an easy one in terms of photography!  One day it’s windy and cold, some days it’s raining, and others it’s scorching hot.  When we started the esession in St Louis a little over a week ago, the clouds looked like they were ready to burst.  And burst they did!

What do you do when it pours..?  See below for the Gunny & Lynn way!












Jacob & Areum’s E-Session

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Jacob & Areum is the word “friendly”.  They’re just a sweet and friendly couple and you can’t help but feel excited for them =)  I feel privileged to be their photographer and we got to do our first shoot together in Chicago for their e-session.  It was a blast and the chemistry between them just radiates from these pictures!

Jacob’s co-workers gave him a hard time about leaving work early for a photo shoot that day, probably laughing at the idea that Jacob thinks he’s a model.  I won’t say one way or another, but I will let the photos do the talking ;)















Joe & Melissa’s E-Session

5.22.2010.  Mark the date and be sure to congratulate them on their wedding in just a few days!

A couple days ago, Joe flew in from sunny California and we did a shoot in the heart of the Windy City.  And man did the city stay true to it’s name.  Despite being a week into May, it was in the 40’s and windy!  Not sure what happened to summer?  The world must be coming to an end… but it’s all good because at least they can be married by then!

Despite the chilly weather, Joe & Melissa were all smiles and laughs.  I can’t wait to see how they’re like in a few days when they’re not freezing =)  But until then, here are some teasers of the soon to be husband and wife!