Me and Cassie, ones a geek, the others sassy

Oliver and Cassie, where geeky meets sassy

Born and raised in New Jersey, I’m now a wedding photographer in Illinois, home of rolling seas of corn and of course the Windy City!

Why wedding photography?

There was a time when art, fashion, and imagery weren’t all that important to me.  Then Cassie entered my life (the wonderful girl pictured on the left).  Isn’t it funny how loved ones can turn our values upside down?  More than her love of fashion and design influencing me, it was simply the memories we’ve created together.  It dawned on me that for many of our cherished memories, we have great photos capturing them.  Strange coincidence?  Or is it perhaps that photos, when executed well, have the ability to preserve (or even enhance!) our memories?

Because life is less than perfect, I have a tendency to not only forget, but second guess my own memories. “Could it have been that great? It was good but probably not quite as amazing as I remember it.”  What a shame because sometimes life is truly beautiful!  But when the beauty of the moment passes, it is often forgotten or downplayed.

Through art, I aspire to capture life’s beauty.  And I can’t think of anything more beautiful on this side of heaven than two people committing to each other a life of love, service, and self-sacrifice in marriage.  Much like how we all have music that move us, and films that inspire us, I aim to create imagery that will re-ignite passion and romance years later when the present emotions may have faded.

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