Gunny & Lynn: The Proposal!

I got an email early last week that read:

B/c in Genesis 2:18 “The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone…” and b/c I believe Lynn’s the most awesome person in this whole wide world, I have decided to propose to her this Thursday!

How exciting!! The proposal itself was a private moment between the two so I don’t have any pictures from that.  (I hear it involved a lot of candles, a teddy bear, and a whole ton of good old fashioned Gunny romance)  But I did get to be part of the surprise party with family and friends later that night at Lynn’s sister’s house!

We ran into a minor hiccup when we first arrived; Gunny emailed us the wrong address!  No one answered the door.  Fortunately for us, directly across the street was a house with a lot of activity going on.  We guessed that was probably the correct house, and we were right!

Now all we had to do was wait in the dark for the couple to arrive so we could surprise Lynn! She came in sporting a beautiful ring on her finger so I assume she said yes. Good job Gunny! The rest of the night was filled with fun & festivities with the great couple.

I did manage to fire off a couple of shots throughout the night to capture it. It was a joyous occasion -the smiles in the pictures tell it all =)

Waiting in darkness (brightened so you can see the people!)

The Wait (Lynn's sister & niece)

beautiful decorations


speech by Lynn's father

welcome to the family!


look at the smiles! truly the way to a girl's heart =)

did I mention the food was delicious??

practicing for the big day

if you don't know Gunny, this pic sums him up!

cute dog! it was so happy to see Lynn

I got to take a picture with the groom-to-be

Friends. (don't let the smiles fool you. these ladies are fierce)

Lynn's adorable family

4 must be Lynn's lucky number ;)

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  1. FIRST! haha. I’m lame.

    Aw man! I’m soooo sad that I wasn’t able to celebrate with you guys; ARGH! But do know, that I’m saving up my hard earned cash to come party it up with you guys =D w00t w00t.

    Oh it’s so good to see that house again. I will no longer be the one to hold gunnybear as he falls asleep =( sigh; I have to let my baby go. Haha.

    Thanks Oli for posting these pics!


  2. Oli, are you an official engagement photographer now? lol!

    Congrats Lynn and Gunny! Seems like the whole world is getting married… :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!! they definitely capture the moment!!

    and that ring is BEAUTIFUL too but not as BEAUTIFUL as the blushing bride to be =)

    Congrats Lynn and Gunny!!!

  4. GORGEOUS!!! i love the photos!!! i esp love the one where lynn is holding up 4 fingers!!! hotness :) congrats lynn and gunny!!!! thanks for letting me celebrate with u!

    in reference to Gunny’s email in the beginning, i hope you think i am the most awesome person in this whole world.

  5. Thanks Oli! You are da man~ I love the pictures!

    Cassie – I know fo sho that Oliver feels that way about you~ And then me :-D hahaha

  6. I had never known you before i just check the information that related to my study, i saw your pictures seem so happy… i hope i could have the family that happy like you. wishes all of you good luck…

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