Suggey & Christina – An Engagement Shoot!

Q: What do you do when it’s mid-December in Illinois in sub-freezing temperatures with an e-session to shoot?

A: Maaaan – what do we midwesterners look like? Pansy tropical flowers? Go and shoot that e-session.. and throw it on the ground! (…and have some fun!)

Well, that’s what we did with Suggey and Christina!  These two are so much fun to be around and I think it shows in their pictures =)  As for the cold and cloudy weather? Couldn’t keep ’em down.  Nor could the crutches due to Suggey’s injured ankle.  He persevered and came out like a champ (and he must have a REALLY built left leg after that day). Can you imagine not being able to walk or stand on both feet and being constantly asked to contort your body in all sorts of poses for a few hours?  Christina’s a lucky girl.  And from what I can see, Suggey’s one lucky guy too ;)

We went for themes of friendship, silliness, with a hint of goth and a kiss of romance.  That’s a lot of themes.  Who am I kidding?  We just did anything and everything and it worked out great for these two.  Go ahead and see for yourself!

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  1. LOVE IT!!! :D the photos came out SO GOOD!! :) and christina looks HOT! suggey – u look okay too :P props for doing everything with crutches!

  2. very nice…i like the one of sugg on the ground and beanie looking like, “eh, i tried to get him to stand, and that’s all i can do.”

  3. Hello Oliver! I am a fan of your pictures! I first saw them on Becky’s fb and now Christina’s! You definitely have your own style but are able to bring out the couple’s personality to make it fit them. Keep up the great work!

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