Partly Mysterious, Hundred Percent Dae & Jina – The Proposal Video

A few weeks ago, Dan wrote a post about his ninja-style photographing of Dae’s creative proposal to Jina.  If you’ve seen it, there were probably portions of it that left you scratching your heads.

Hmm.. wonder what Jina is watching?

And what's with the football pads?

With Dae and Jina’s consent, that mystery is now revealed for us to know! But hold your horses! Before you jump straight for the video, know that it will not make any sense without a little background!

The Background.

You see, Dae created a proposal so personal and customized that it warrants a little explanation to fully appreciate it. The first time Dae and Jina went to a theater was to watch Pixar’s animated film Up. But this video has nothing to do with Up. Like most Pixar films, prior to the movie there is a quick digital short, which in this case is called Partly Cloudy. If you’ve never seen it, watching it is a must!  And even if you have, go ahead and give yourself refresher -it’s good for your soul. Go here to watch it.

This heart warming piece about friendship and commitment touched Jina. Remembering this, Dae decided to create a digital short of his own that parallels the storyline in Partly Cloudy. The story though is centered around the beginnings of their courtship process. The locations, time frame, and scenes are based on real events but artistic license was taken too. Keep in mind that the acting and interpretation of events are overly dramatic and done for laughs. Without spoiling the video, in case it’s not obvious let’s just say that Suggey’s acting (and everyone else’s too) is over the top and was never intended to reflect reality ;)

The Big Day.

On a sunny Monday afternoon, pretending that they were going to have an outdoor lunch date at a park, Dae casually mentions to Jina that he made a little video for his sister and wanted Jina to look it over.  He fires up the video and the screen fades to white. This is intentional to let Dae know that the video is indeed running and that he now has exactly 6 seconds before the actual short begins.  While Jina is distracted, he makes a dash for it to give her some alone time.

Without further ado, see the video for yourself. Enjoy!

Inside the box was a hand written note for Jina. The contents will remain a mystery to us =) And if you couldn’t figure it out, the bag Dae received from the girl are the football pads, which Dae changed into while Jina was watching the video. It was all a success and Jina said yes!  And can you believe that this was just the beginning of the full day he had planned out for them?  What a guy.


Producer: Dae Woung Kang

Screenwriter: Suggey Shin, Chris Sotelo, Matt Garard
Director: Chris Sotelo
Director of Photography: Oliver Peng, Chris Sotelo
Film Editor: Oliver Peng, Chris Sotelo

Dae as Dae
Suggey as Jina
random girl as Random Girl
Oliver as Oliver
Cassie as Cassie
Chris as Chris
Marah as Marah
Oliver as Roommate
Chris as Arm Wrestler

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  1. hahaha suggey is awesome…
    and it looked like dae said “ef” the first time hahahah
    and sharon…why do you always watch everything on sunah’s big tv….

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