Taft & Becky – Fall Fun!

I’ve known Taft way back since before he was even called Taft.  Back then we used to call him Jonathan during our freshman year in college =)  We even lived together our junior and senior years and we reigned in an empire known as Snyder Hall.  Long gone are the days when I’d find him asleep in his bed with the Bible on his chest and his mouth wide open.  And long forgotten (I hope) are the nights of recording strange music videos..

Fast forward 9 years and now he’s well on his way to getting married!  I got the chance to shoot him and Becky to catch some fall foliage about a month ago.  The weather was great and the colors were phenomenal!

Can you feel the death glare?

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  1. aw dudde these pics are even better than the ones u posted on fb! so cute couple awwwwwwwwwww .. i like the walking down the street one the best.. it’s like something from a mushy k-drama haha… nice work op!

  2. Aw thanks to everyone who like the pics! Didn’t O do an awesome job capturing our relationship on camera??? We def wanted who we are to shine thru :) awesomeness! O, u da bomb.

  3. wow nice pics oliver. you got some skills. but wheres the patented jumping pic? i guess that one didnt make the cut.

    and im not gonna lie lim, that yellow jacket is pretty pimp.

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