Welcome back from Europe, Glenn and Nicole!

Glenn and Nicole were both in my small group years ago. I still remember the day I guessed the person that Nicole was seeing. After being impressed with myself for guessing ;) I remember smiling thinking, “Glenn’s a good guy.” That was four years ago and now they’ve been married for just shy of two weeks! Congrats!!

To the newly weds: this video is a welcome back present from your honeymoon =)

P.S. For a peek of how the video came together, see the post below!

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  1. Oliver. I just sent you an email.
    YOU ARE AMAZING. I love you. I can’t say enough about you. Incredibly well-crafted, great shots, just all-around perfect. We appreciate your effort so much. Its a really great video and you did a great job. We owe you big time.

  2. Great job for making a video the first time! I see you got a glidecam? or steadicam? When I worked with stillmotion, they used two video lights to capture the reception then they used kelvin WB make it the WB accurate. That might be helpful next time when it’s really dim at the reception.

  3. YAY!!!! I LOVEEEEE IT!!!!!! I would watch it again and again cept that I need to go to class soon. haha. nice job with all the changes :) i really like them!! and ur ending :) LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! and im so proud of you!!! :) <3

  4. oliver!!! i tried to watch this at work on my bb but video wouldn’t load. watched it on nicole’s facebook tho and it’s amazing!!! love the music and love all the shots. please do my wedding video too! :D

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