The Birth of a Blog

It’s been a long time since the demise of xanga (do people still use that thing??)  How or why a blogging platform could ever become out of fashion or yesterday’s thing is beyond me.  My friend G-lenn has a theory that it all began with their privacy invasion “feature” that allows you to see who visits your blog.  Hmm… good point.  What do you think?  In any case, good bye old friend.

Anyways, I haven’t stopped taking photos since my last xanga entry ( and I need a way to post them!  That along with my random ramblings and rants.  Wordpress is my make-shift home for now =)  Lot of things have been going on this summer, which means lots of pics, so stay tuned!

For a sneak peek of what’s to come.. can anyone guess where my family’s been the past couple of days?  Here’s a pic for a clue.  (Hint: the top banner is also a clue too!)

Can you guess where my familys been the past few days??

Lobsta n butta!